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Method for measuring PVC reinforced hose
Industry News | 2020-06-02 | Click


       PVC reinforced hoses are widely used, such as gas pipes, solar water pipes, water pipes for car washing, watering flowers, etc. There are many types of PVC-reinforced hoses on the market. The PVC-reinforced hoses must be measured before they are available. There are many methods of measurement. The following editors will share with you briefly and hope to help everyone.

       1. The first method: place the hose as flat as possible, plug the end of the hose with a metal plug so that it does not leak, insert a solid ball into the hose, and then open the end of the hose Connected to the vacuum pump with a vacuum gauge, within 60s to reduce the internal pressure of the hose to the specified test pressure value, and maintain this pressure not less than 10min. While maintaining the test pressure, check the outside of the hose for dents or collapse, and then tilt the test hose to allow the solid-foot ball to pass through the entire hose and check whether the hose is deformed due to internal deformation Any obstacles.

       2. The second method: install a sealing plug made of transparent material on one end of the hose, and connect one end to the vacuum pump with a vacuum gauge, and reduce the internal pressure of the hose to the military assistance test within 60s The pressure value shall not be less than 10 minutes to maintain this pressure within the cliff min.

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