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How to deal with leakage of PVC reinforced hose
Industry News | 2020-06-02 | Click

       After the PVC reinforced hose is used for a long time, some minor problems may occur, such as the phenomenon of water leakage, so how to deal with the leakage of the PVC reinforced hose? The following editors simply share with you, I hope to help everyone.

        1. Purchase the same PVC-reinforced hose to connect it, you can cut the broken hose first, put the connector into one end of the hose first, so that the cutting position of the other end is exactly flush with the opening of the connector. Straight back into this end so that both ends have a certain cross and then the distance, then remove it and apply PVC glue to the inside of the two ends to bond firmly.

        2. If you don't want to be so troublesome, you can buy waterproof tape to repair the sewer pipe, wrap a few more sections at the leak and apply it with mortar waterproofing agent or cement.

        3. If you think you can't handle it, you can also find the company's after-sales to deal with it.

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